in collaboration with

pew design bureau”

as to mark its existence in cairo and egypt, youtube established the first experience design event

client: youtube/google fz-llc

PC_21 (1).png

youtube_warehouse was the transcending vehicle into the realm of youtube, and about how to amplify it. how would it be to go beyond the screen, to the digital world; inside a video! the concept was to amplify the experience by a combination of both adaptation and small tweaks to the existent venue qualities, resulting a fresh/odd atmospherical persona. which then conducted and formulated an abnormal stage to dwell in an unusual venue where the space and experiential design account robust notability to youtube as that of the content presented while the event took place. the stage/presentation area was guided by the outlines of the venue, but acted as an organic alien conqueror covering all the walls and totally revolutionized the perception of the space.     


so by entering the tunnel

there's no need to press play,

cause you'll be already

inside the stream

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ezgif.com-resize (2).gif
PC_27 (1).png
Hnet-image (4).gif

who the hell is this guy? 


he's harmless! 


nice try scroll-ers, better luck next time!