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* based in cairo, dubai, jeddah and nairobi. the studio implements creative ideas along engineering services and lines of business.

video branding for zds architects'*  wecolab  

zds architects founded a new virtual collaborative platform under the name of wecolab that stands for we collaborate in design lab. wecolab is a web based platform that aims to expand the possibility of creating virtual collaborative design studios.


thank you fish tank

and sorry for the fish.

Hnet-image (5).gif
Hnet-image (8).gif
Hnet-image (10).gif
Hnet-image (2).gif

the video (was a continuation of pew design bureau's graphical branding); divided into nine small frames each representing a different realm, had a concept focused on showing the flexible collaborative side of the platform resembled in movements that happen between the frames in order to move the protagonist from his closed comfort zone at the beginning to the border-less open world of collaborations at the end, and the possible impacts on the market that could happen from these collaborations.

Hnet-image (1).gif
Nested Sequence 02.Still003.jpg
Hnet-image (9).gif
Nested Sequence 31.Still009.jpg
Hnet-image (7).gif (2).gif
Hnet-image (6).gif
Hnet-image (9).gif
Hnet-image (9).gif

its showtime!

wecolab comes with a composed piece of music, so collaborate and un-mute.

composer: yehia_fahim

a sequel:

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