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runner-up in arch out loud’s _reside mumbai_

arch_out_loud; an international open ideas competition.

arch_out_loud challenged the entrants to design a mixed dwelling development on one of the last undeveloped sections of mumbai’s coastline.

“worli koliwada is currently threatened to disappear under water due to climate change.” this project aims to document the situation and allows imagination to draw the new story. in order to keep it going, a system that supports the ongoing integration of land and water is proposed. it is made up of a typology raised over the base of the existing situation in attempt to reflect the immersed city. when boats become the only commuting vehicle, the drowned are lost in sight below the evolving houses that are oriented around sturdy cores as their structural system, starting from the villages’ level; ‘foundation’ where it all began. though the city and history will be un-visible, it will dwell in memory thanks to the vertical growth of their heritage.

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